This complete course will take you through the steps of learning the "Lumetri panels” in Adobe Premiere. From color correction to color grading.

We have included all the materials so you can “follow along”. 

Do not be fooled by its 45 min time length. We have taken out the ‘fluff” but assure we kept the details.


What do I get?

·        9 Lessons to follow along.

·        All files and video clips used in this course.


What will I learn?

You will learn a complete essential training of color correction and grading in Premiere Pro.

·        How to color correct an image and the steps involved.

·        The functionality of the Lumetri tool panel.

·        Understand the measurement tools like the waveform, RGB parade and vector scope

·        How to color grade Flat or Slog footage 

·        Create tracking masks to color correct a specific area.

·        Match the colors of different shots.



Who this course is for:

·        This course is for any Premiere Pro user that would like to get better at color correction and the lumetri tools.

·        This course is not for experienced colorists.

·        This course is for Color beginners that want to be color grading their video as quickly   as possible.



·        An installation of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 or later

·        Mac or PC that can process full HD video clips to work with the attached materials.

·        You are required to have some basic experience with Premiere Pro.



What is the Lumetri panel ?

A series of tools that will allow you to change and correct video for things such as 

White Balance

Exposure , contrast and skin tones

Secondary " masking " of specific areas of the image 

Color grading for that Hollywood orange and Teel look

and much more...